Word & Logo Marks 2000—2010

Tiger, of George
Identity for a house ware company that sources fabric from West African countries. I suggested adding the comma to 1. balance the words which were awkward in length relative to each other, 2. imply verbal communication since the fabrics themselves function similarly and 3. reference a tiger claw. Website and labels arriving shortly.

Buka of New York
This Brooklyn restaurant serves unfussy Nigerian food. The mark alludes to the practice of displaying bowls on tables to communicate an eateries’ services.

Eastern Developments Music
Eastern Developments Music was a music imprint started by Guillermo S. Herren and myself at the beginning of the decade. We both were influenced by Atlanta / Miami / NYC — essentially East Coast, hence the name — machine funk. I hesitate to use the word electro, only because of the recent unfortunate hipster connotation. The letter forms themselves were based and traced from an old type house catalog because the specimen looked like a graf piece from the late 80s on the MARTA east line.

Brown & Jackson
Logo and stationery suite for a small interior and space design office. Shown below are an alternative word mark and optional graphic marks. Both Brown & Jackson are designers so I kept the lock-up and usage rules loose.

Word mark for Gwen Stefani’s fashion line. A secondary mark was also designed along with first season’s hang tags and garment labels, tee shirts.

UCLA interactions
Logo and masthead for the UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies.


Tiger, of George
Buka New York
Eastern Developments Music