Video, Video, Video

Processing Typeface Promo Video
A promo video commissioned to promote YWFT’s typeface for Casey Reas’ Processing programming language, with sample text by MF Doom and Zbigniew Brzezinski.

AOL — Hands
At GH I directed this piece about creativity in the digital era for the Wolff Olins rebrand of AOL. Sculpture and First Assistant Direction by Charlie Becker with audio by Yusuke Hama.

AOL —Stones
At GH I directed this piece about natural attraction, and the consequences, for the Wolff Olins rebrand of AOL. Audio by Leblase and action script programming by Won You.

Nokia “I Love You” excerpt
At GH we never took individual credit for directing a particular piece although for this Nokia video Sadek was most definitely the lead and I simply contributed with this bit of typographic page turning. Slightly reformatted and presented with audio from Hamacide’s “Mighty Little Machine”.

Three Questions
Video portraits of friends answering three questions but without audio. The footage was shot and treated for an intra–GHAVA video project for Taicoclub, Japan. Not surprisingly, in general, I prefer video stills to the video itself.