Various Small Websites 1999—2010


Cameron Martin website, 2010
Cameron’s work is part painting, part photography and part printing making. His palette is often a small range of grey resulting in low contrast images whose impact on the eye vary immensely depending on the ambient light. The WordPress enabled site is super simple with the exception of the “splash” page whose background cycles through a range of grey

Ben Sterling, 2010
Ben Sterling is a composer and musician in Brooklyn, NY and Cookies is one of his projects. Designed for Project Projects.

GHava × TFS Case Study, 2008
A mini site centralizing and documenting work GH has done for Triple Five Soul.

GHavaPress, 2006
Website mockups for a publishing venture in Brooklyn NY. Although my preference where these, what was eventually coded is ok as well. My first use of Trebuchet MS.

The Impossible Image, 2001
Design for a Kate Sennert piece in The Blow Up on the issue of digitally manipulated photography. Images were taken from Phaidons book The Impossible Image. I specifically wanted to avoid the use of Flash, reference Photoshop within the interface and present the photos as big as possible. Looking back I wish the images would have been even larger. View archived site

Stay Honest, 2002
Cary at Honest wanted to feature some of my work in their featured section of their site and I of course oblidged but also asked if I could design a nice xerox machine inspired interface. In this archived version I swapped out all the work and replaced with images of friends. And some of the functionality is gone like preloaders. Be careful not to run out of toner.

ArchinectGlobal Peace Container feature, 2000
A custom feature for Archinect about Jamaican schools made from shipping containers. Of course, this was published before we figured out that these kind of features are better suited for templates. It is also what was nice about the web at the turn of the century—everything was not widgetized, socialized and embeddable.

Adidas and Mark Gonzales, 1998
All day I dream about skateboarding—a mini site for a legendary skateboarder’s first signature shoe with Adidas.

Cameron Martin
Cameron Martin
Ben Sterling
Triple Five Soul case study
Triple Five Soul case study
The Impossible Image
The Impossible Image
The Impossible Image
Ghava Press