Misc Music Packaging

“Koushik” — MixOBeats & MixORemixes, 2009
Sneak screen preview of Koushik’s CD of beats and remixes. Without parroting 20 years of championing remix, tape editing, cut & paste culture I will blatantly admit to sampling all the imagery from The Grammar of Ornament. Thanks to Ben Velez for making this happen.


Hamacide, 2009
Yusuke Hama’s new project under his Hamacide moniker that in addition to sounding dangerous also translates to “by the shore”. Since initially the music release is digital only I treated the illustrations by photographing them off the monitor and layering, to emphasize their lifespan as being entirely on screen. Elements of the cover also carry thru to the website and can be expanded upon for future videos, remixes packages, etc.

Savath & Savalas “Apropa’t”, 2004
Press sheets and internet image search results from an art direction & design project for WARP Records recording artist Savath & Savalas. Recorded in Spain, I wanted to portray Maya Hayak’s photography within an architectural motif that illustrated the country’s rich history of accommodating external influences.

savath_cover savath_digipack savath_hublabel

Eliot Lipp”Steele Street Scraps”, 2006
Another music packaging project with a small budget and quick turn around time. The typography is a play off of the title, with the 8bit chunks and blood splats for style points. Inconsistencies in color in the above images are purely due to my lack of skill in shooting flat work. A Hefty Records release. I also recently found an interesting outtake.

cdtrayinsideprintedEliotLipp SSS backEliotLipp SSS front

“Teto Solar” — Tohno Crocco
A 2009 Brasilian SMD release of Tohno Crocco's super group of old players. The format is guaranteed at 5 reales and helps combat bootlegs by making the releases affordable.
The cover illustration and subsequent treatment of circles within the package mimic stages of a solar eclipse. I think the literal translation of teto solar is a sun roof. Special thanks to Simon Katz for producing this release.