Eastern Developments Music 2000—2006

Eastern Developments Music was a music imprint started by Guillermo S. Herren and myself in 2001. Our influences ranged from EPMD to ECM and although the music was electronic, the image, aside from our wordmark, was not.

My partners and I wanted the packaging to obviously reflect the individual artist projects but also feel like an East Dev release. The lack of realistic budgets also helped dictate the look which often ended up being illustrated.

Included here are spot illustrations for t shirts and packaging for 2003 East Dev tours and releases. The old portable radios with tape decks were for t-shirts and the guitars for Ahmad Szabo release. Both were done with ink.

Since the label itself was so associated with electronic music, both my partner and I thought we should emphasize traditional and hand done references as opposed to the then prevalent tech-oriented images.

East Dev Logo.
Leblaze, Pressure EP
Hu Vibrational
Tshirt illustrations for a 2003 tour
Ahmad Szabo guitars
Tshirt illustrations for a 2003 tour
The Exposures
Website v3
Ammon Contact, Beats From Bina’s House
Silk screen posters
Dabrye instrmntl
Daedelus, The Household EP
Promo CD case
Promo CD case
The Exposures web promo
Elliot Lipp Promo posters