Coke M5


Armchair Media approached GHAVA Los Angeles to create the interface in which Coca-Cola could present 5 films created in tandem with the beverage giant’s new bottle packaging. The challenge was to create a compelling encounter that would not inhibit the viewer from getting to the actual films. Playing off the evolution ideas floating around Armchair as well as the global aspect of the project, we responded by representing drifting continents with flora and making it happen with a big bang. How is that for intelligent design? The rest was just getting the viewer to the video as fast and simple as possible with a bit of inter-film animations made from the bottle graphics. Special care was also taken to make the viewer central to the creation of beauty by presenting a stark, black/creme interface and introducing color only with viewer interaction.

I designed the M5 film interface including the continental homepage and band illustrations. Stefan Kjartansson at Armchair functioned as Chief Enabler, Head Catalyst and Creative Director. North Kingdom (special shoot to Mattias) did the flash programming and animations. Of course tDR, Tennant McKay/Rex, Lobo, MK12, Caviar supplied the films and and the bottle graphics. North Kingdom rocked the bottle site. Daedelus and Nate Butler did the audio. And a bunch of other people made it happen behind the scenes.